“The Brilliant Club” students in year 12 graduate!

“The Brilliant Club” students in year 12 graduate!

During this academic year seven students from year 12 were given the opportunity to take part in an exciting initiative offered by “The Brilliant Club”, a scheme which includes university visits and the chance to take part in tutorial sessions with a PhD Scholar.  Participation in the scheme enabled the students to develop their academic skills, including critical-thinking, as well as being able to attend a summer conference, have access to a Virtual Learning Environment and receive feedback on their draft university Personal Statement from their individual PhD Tutor.

The scheme ran from January to April and at the end of it the students submitted a final assignment of 2500 words, which was marked as if they were a first year university student.  Last week they attended a “graduation” ceremony at Goldsmiths, University of London and received an award based on their assignment result.  The students who took part this year were Honor Chivers, Daisy-May Dashwood, Emma Lymath, Lucas Phillips, Deanna Russell, Elspeth Smith and Christopher Stanlake.

It has been proven that engagement with “The Brilliant Club” delivers impressive outcomes, with those who complete the programme significantly more likely to progress to a highly selective university in the future.

Here are our students receiving their “graduation” certificates at Goldsmiths on 24th April 2018.   Very well done to them all!

Brilliant Club 1