Starting Year 7 – 1 September 2017

Starting Year 7 – 1 September 2017


Welcome to Mascalls Academy Transition 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Years 7s on Friday 1 September 2017.

Details of transition events and information for parents is available on this web page – please check back regularly.

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At Mascalls Academy we pride ourselves on our Transition Programme.  Students joining the Academy are offered a number of opportunities to visit and become familiar with their new school environment.

As soon as a student has accepted a place the transition process begins.   The aim is for every student to feel confident and safe in their new school setting.

All students are visited in their primary school by a member of the Mascalls Academy transition or Pastoral Team. Members of staff meet students to discuss life as a Year 7 student and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Every student will therefore know at least one member of staff before they visit us in June to complete their CATs (Cognitive Ability Tests).

Transition Day is on Thursday 6 July 2017 and is a great opportunity for children to experience some lessons, tour the school site, see the canteen and other important aspects of secondary school life.

Some students find the whole concept and experience of leaving a primary school setting and joining a large academy like Mascalls extremely daunting and it can be a very anxious time. Therefore, we also run an Aspire Day (in addition to the Transition Day) for students to visit during a normal working day. This day is by invitation only.  Please contact Ruth Gately, SEN & Transition Manager for more details.

Year 6 students can ask to visit Mascalls Academy as many times as they feel necessary – for a small number of students the Aspire Day may be one of a number of visits that occur in order for a student to feel less anxious.  Every effort is made to enable students to build their confidence, make new friends and enjoy their experience of being at Mascalls Academy.

Summer Fun Week – 24-28 July 2017.  For the past 3 years we have offered students the opportunity to attend our Summer Fun Week, which is a week of activities that enables students to access all the fantastic resources that Mascalls has to offer as well as make friends, meet some teachers and support staff and also get familiarised with the school site ready for starting on 30 August.

The feedback from parents and students best sums up the whole experience:

‘It’s been fun. I’ve made new friends and enjoyed myself a lot. I feel comfortable coming in September’

‘I have enjoyed Summer Fun Week especially kit cars, sports, predator v prey and of course our break and lunchtime. I have made lots of friends and I know lots of teachers and I know my way around better’

‘I now feel very confident about joining because I know lots of friends and I know more teachers’


‘Thank you, my daughter is naturally nervous and this week has helped her to feel capable of the start in September. We have also been able to test public transport and meet other parents to support her through this transition stage. Happy child = Happy parent.’

‘A very good idea [Summer Fun Week], has helped my daughter to settle, given her an insight in to the academy and her surroundings, meet teachers and other children and to make new friends. Thank you and please carry on with the great work from a grateful Dad’

 ‘Brilliant idea! We all feel a lot happier about starting in September. Thank you very much’

‘Fantastic week! Thank you for the support in making a smooth transition for primary to secondary’


Mrs Ruth Gately                                                                                              Mrs Rachel Hirst

SEN & Transition Manager                                                                           PA to Heads of College

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