Google Classroom Codes

Google Classroom Codes

Dear Parents/carers,

As promised yesterday, attached to this email are the classroom codes for every subject in the school.  

This morning as we await details from the government on the next steps, I had the opportunity to visit every single classroom in the academy.  It is safe to say that our students are exceptional, exceptionally calm, exceptionally focussed and exceptionally behaved. I am really very proud of them.

They are nervous about the coming weeks and this is natural.  We have addressed those concerns directly with them and they are allowed to ask any questions they wish to.  Overwhelmingly they were concerned about their learning, and we have that structure in place. This is not to say that the next few weeks will be easy, as we embark upon an unknown frontier in entirely online learning.  It is not the same as learning in person. The next stage is over to you. Remain positive, remain calm, remain consistent and most importantly establish a clear routine as early as possible for accessing online content.

When students work is flexible according to a timetable that works for your family, when they access the work is less so. Students, using their timetables as a guide, will need to check tasks in online classrooms for the subjects that day then complete them appropriately.  Teachers will have a large volume of queries, so please encourage your son daughter to only post if absolutely essential, it may take a little time to respond as we adapt to a new way of working.

Your next steps are simply to log into every Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com/) over the next few days and the start of next week, familiarise yourself with the online environment.  Again, a guide for students can be found here and a guide for parents can be found here.

If you experience problems logging into Google Classrooms please email reception@mascallsacademy.org.uk.  There are likely to be a number of initial emails, please be patient while we respond.

As ever you support is hugely appreciated.  Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page.

Yours sincerely, stay safe

Mr W Monk


Google Classroom Codes