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Interview with Christopher Stanlake

As part of our series of “Twelve Months On” interviews, we spoke to Christopher who attended Mascalls Academy from Year 7, and who has just left Year 13.

In telling his story, Christopher explained that he originally looked at attending Oakwood Park Grammar School as his older brother attended there. However, he is so pleased that he did go to Mascalls, as he has found a comprehensive with both boys and girls attending, beneficial. His positive experiences at Mascalls include the friends that he’s made and hopes to keep in touch with.

Christopher’s favorite GCSE subject was Drama as he very much enjoyed the performances and acting. He also liked photography lessons.

Christopher has found A Levels more interesting than GCSE due to a deeper depth of subject studied, with his choices being English Literature (now his favourite), Film Studies and Drama. He commented on the text studied for English Literature, explaining that he much prefers more modern texts such as Roderick Ford and Ian Duhig.  Christopher still likes Drama but would have preferred more performances to be included in the course.

As regards plans for the future, Christopher has an offer of a place at King’s College, London to study Philosophy with the requested grades of three A’s. In good stead for this, Christopher achieved three A grades in his recent mock examinations. He has no idea where the idea to study Philosophy comes from other than that he is always interested in “why” and wants to expand on his range of studied areas. Christopher spoke about his visit to King’s campus which he liked; he is very much looking forward to becoming a University student studying in London.

Furthermore, Christopher is confident that if he doesn’t achieve the three A’s for Kings College, he will still study Philosophy at another London University. He stressed that he realises that he needs to keep working hard.

When asked about a career after University, Christopher has no confirmed ideas yet and is keeping his options open.

Sincere thanks to Christopher for taking the time to be interviewed, and good luck for forthcoming examinations. We look forward to following Christopher’s progress next year.