We have designed our curriculum using the KS3 National Curriculum and it is delivered under the framework of the IB Middle Years programme. We have also referenced the KS2 Programmes of Study in our initial planning.

The arts curriculum at Mascalls has been specifically devised to maximise student acquisition of cultural capital. Its key aim is to create more rounded citizens, improve life chances whilst securing transferable skills.Our starting point is to establish and diagnose student access to this on their journey from Ks2 Throughout Ks3 students learn the language of art and artists and develop a respect for its value in the greater world around them. At the end of Ks3 students have the option of beginning to specialise in more specific areas of the art sector, steadily working though to mastery. The arts curriculum has be devised specifically to challenge disadvantage, provide opportunities, open up new concepts, incite new ways of thinking and mastering skills, irrespective of background and starting points. We utilise the creation of personal portfolios of evidence to allow for the development of skills, identify own strengths and areas for development, build resilience and secure a network of transferable skills that will allow individuals to succeed creatively, academically and engage in wider society. Our success is measured on the improvement of life chances, ensuring our young people have a voice, have the skills to join a conversation and build a stable social network.

The arts curriculum seeks to teach our students how to learn – learning independently and with others through inspiration and enquiry. Frequent assessment and review seeks to secure the students habitus, testing their culmination of social and cultural capital. At every stage, the arts curriculum is designed to expose students to character building qualities. Through opening up exposure to other cultures, the aim is to develop well rounded global citizens whilst understanding / developing their own sense of identity and community.

Key activities are undertaken developing students knowledge of culture, underpinned by a respect of British values, diversity, human rights ( Year 9) as well as raising awareness and supporting in mental health and well being. The curriculum aims to nurture students ability to think synergistically. Frequently quality assurance against National benchmarks is employed to ensure it is current, relevant and teaching the skills which incite a love of learning.