It is important to telephone Miss Mearing in the Attendance Office (01892 831477) at the start of any absence and every day thereafter that your child is unable to attend, so that we are aware and the reason for the absence can be recorded and not recorded as unauthorised. On return, students should also present to the attendance office to inform them that they are back in school. If you are unable to ring, please email Miss Mearing on

We are committed to enabling all our students to achieve their full potential. To do this it is vital that our students and parents/carers involve themselves fully in a commitment to ensure our students attend the school for the maximum amount of available time. Excellent attendance enables students to achieve and take full advantage of the range of opportunities attendance at this school offers. Irregular attendance places students outside our caring community and undermines the education process and our duty to safeguard them. This situation leads to educational disadvantage and can place our students in a vulnerable position.

Miss Mearing
Attendance Manager

We recognise that for the vast majority of our students, good school attendance is a well‐established habit for success. However it is important to clarify parental responsibilities with regard to punctuality and attendance:

  • Punctuality is valued by all employers and we have high standards in this area. Details of our escalating sanctions for persistent lateness are listed in the full policy.
  • It is our policy to authorise no more than 5 days of illness per year. Depending on circumstances medical evidence may be required for more than 5 days of illness per year. Failure to produce medical evidence will result in the absence being unauthorised and may lead to a penalty notice or prosecution.
  • Wherever possible, routine medical and dental appointments should be made out of school time.
  • Holidays should not be taken in school time. Any Leave of Absence can only be agreed by the Head Teacher and only agreed where there are exceptional circumstances.
  • If a student’s attendance falls below 96% without a satisfactory reason then our absence intervention procedures will be put into place.
  • We are committed to rewarding excellent attendance. Students with 100% attendance will be regularly rewarded in assemblies. Parents will also receive regular updates on attendance and punctuality through regular reports.

Thank you for working in partnership with us to achieve the highest possible levels of attendance and punctuality at Mascalls.

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