Bus Information

If you live more than three miles from the school which the County Council has designated as the nearest appropriate school, you can claim free transport to that school.  Usually you will be given a season ticket for public transport or offered a seat on a bus hired by the County Council. The distance is measured by the shortest walking route.

The Admissions & Transport Team give advice about bus travel and issues bus passes. For more information please call 03000 418484.

Kent County Council run the Young Person’s Travel Pass which allows students in Years 7-11 to travel many scheduled bus services in Kent. Mascalls is included in this scheme.

To find out more about the Young Person’s Travel Pass and information on how and when to apply, please visit the KCC website here.

PLEASE NOTE: The Ham travel no longer operates the Lamberhurst and East Peckham routes.
The Lamberhurst bus route is only available for children that qualify and receive a free travel card.   

Bus Timetable 2019-20

When you can apply

You can apply for full year and first half year passes from 4 June 2019. To guarantee the pass can be collected from your child’s school on the first day of term, you must complete your application by 13 July 2019. KCC will process any applications received after this date within 28 working days of receipt.

You can apply for second half year passes from 19 November 2019. You will need to apply by 4 January 2020 to ensure your child’s pass is ready for the start of the new school term.


Arriva offers an alternative ticket scheme to students using their services. Scholar tickets are for students up to and including Year 11.  Student tickets are for any student (6th form upwards) regardless of age, as long as they hold a valid student ID.

Arriva Scholar Direct Debit Scheme

Arriva Student Direct Debit Scheme

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