Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills

The IB focus on approaches to learning (ATL) is grounded in the belief that learning how to learn is fundamental to a student’s education. 

The five categories of interrelated skills aim to empower Mascalls Academy MYP students  to become self-regulated learners who know how to ask good questions, set effective goals, pursue their aspirations and have the determination to achieve them. These skills also help to support students’ sense of agency, encouraging them to see their learning as an active and dynamic process.

The five categories of ATLs are:

  • thinking skills—including areas such as critical thinking, creative thinking and ethical thinking
  • research skills—including skills such as comparing, contrasting, validating and prioritising information
  • communication skills—including skills such as written and oral communication, effective listening,and formulating arguments
  • social skills—including areas such as forming and maintaining positive relationships, listening skills, and conflict resolution
  • self-management skills—including both organisational skills, such as managing time and tasks, and affective skills, such as managing state of mind and motivation.

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