Doddle Homework & Homework Timetables

Doddle Parent is an online platform where you can easily view homework tasks your child has been set across their subjects.

With Doddle Parent, you can:

  • View all homework tasks your child has been set, including when homework is due;
  • Access any resources your child has to complete for homework;
  • See all homework that has been handed in, including scores received for Doddle quizzes;
  • View a detailed overview of your child’s strengths, and specific curriculum points where they can improve;
  • Encourage independent learning so you know exactly what your child needs to work on;
  • Have meaningful conversations about what your child has been learning at school.

To get the most out of using Doddle Parent, you can read our Doddle Parent Guides, or watch our Doddle Parent videos, which can be found on here.

These summarise the key features of Doddle Parent, and include the details below about creating your account and linking to your child.

How to get started:

Doddle Parent is accessible from any computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You will need to create a parent account on Doddle to access your child’s information. To do this, please click here and use your email address to create and register your account.

You will be prompted to link to your child using the 16 digit key which can be requested from Reception.

KS3 & KS4 homework timetable 2020-21