We have designed our curriculum using the KS3 National Curriculum and it is delivered under the framework of the IB Middle Years programme. We have also referenced the KS2 Programmes of Study in our initial planning. We believe all students studying mathematics at Mascalls Academy should be successful, regardless of their background. Students will follow a five year curriculum that builds on mathematical concepts explored at Key stage two allowing student to develop a deep understanding of the subject. Conceptual understanding is a key principal to deepening student understanding. The curriculum encourages student to move between different representations of concepts using the concrete, pictorial and abstract, allowing student to develop a comprehensive conceptual understanding that can be used as a foundation for future learning.

Our curriculum has been designed using the content of the national curriculum as the starting point and is delivered under the framework of the IB Middle Years programme and Mathematics Mastery. Learning is sequenced to help learners build a narrative through different topics. These topics are then sequenced in a logical progression that allows learners to establish connections and draw comparisons. Multiple representations are carefully selected so that they are extendable within and between different areas of mathematics. Using these rich models encourages learners to develop different perspectives on a concept. The curriculum encourages the use of mathematical language to strengthen conceptual understanding by enabling our students to explain and reason using the correct language.

The creation of a conjecturing environment and considered use of questions and prompts are important elements of encouraging learners to think like mathematicians. Our curriculum is designed to give learners the opportunities to think mathematically, throughout the curriculum students are required to specialise and generalise, to work systematically, to generate their own examples, to classify and to make conjectures.