Post-16 Results 2021

Mascalls Academy building.

We said that 2020 was a year like no other but 2021 has offered continued challenges for this Year 13 cohort, with lockdowns and online learning adding additional pressure to an already challenging experience. The students of Mascalls 6th Form have been outstanding and impressed with their mature attitude and application to their studies. The grades achieved represent months of hard work and showcase the talent that we have in such a broad range of subjects. 

The percentage of students attaining A*-C grades is up, with 85% achieved, as is the A*-B category, with 55%. The VA for Academic A-Levels is +0.42 and for Applied General it is +1.24. With an Average Grade of a B-, we are thrilled with each student’s individual performance, and have thoroughly enjoyed today’s celebrations with students and parents in school. 

We are also delighted that 100% of UCAS applicants achieved places and that many more now have confirmed placements with companies to complete apprenticeships. These Mascalls Alumni will serve as an important reminder to the students in the years below as to what can be achieved even in a time of tremendous challenge, they have shown resilience and fortitude which will ensure continued future success. 

Some individual success:

  • Alex achieved A* in Business, A in Chemistry and an A in Physics, he has been awarded a Scholarship to attend the University of Swansea to read Aerospace Engineering 
  • Alex achieved A* in History, A* in Sociology and an A in English Literature, he has secured a place at University of Exeter to read History 
  • Lucy achieved A* in Drama, A* in Film and a B in English Literature, she will be studying Childcare at North Kent College in September 
  • Frankie achieved Dist* in Sport BTEC, A in Graphics and A in Business, he will be taking up a place at Nottingham Trent to study Economics
  • Molly achieved As in Sociology, Psychology and History and will be reading Psychology at Lancaster University 
  • Head Student Adam will be going to Royal Holloway to study Computer Science having achieved A* in Computer Science, A in Spanish and B in English Literature 
  • Yasmeen will read Geography at Sussex University having achieved A* in Photography, A in Business and B in Geography 
  • Head Student Lucy achieved an A* in Fine Art, B in Drama and C in English Literature and will be commencing an apprenticeship in Communications and Marketing 
  • Liz achieved As in History and Sociology and a B in English Lit and will be reading Law at the University of Birmingham 
  • Shaun achieved A* in Computer Science, A in Maths and A in Physics and will be going to the University of Sussex to study Computer Science 
  • Beth will be going to the London College of Fashion having secured an A* in Textiles, Dist* in Sport BTEC and a C in Media. 
  • Evie will be taking up a place at Nottingham Trent to study Architecture having secured A* in Photography, B in Media and B in Sport Science

 A huge congratulations to the Class of 2021 – you have been amazing and we wish you all the very best of luck in your chosen destinations.


University of Southampton to study BioMedicine


Jess will be going into FT work.


Staffordshire Uni to study Games Art


Nottingham Trent to study Economics


Law at University of Birmingham

Estella delighted with her A in Textiles, B in Photography and Distinction in Health and Social Care

Head Student Adam is off to Royal Holloway to study Computer Science

Lucy is thrilled with an amazing A* in Drama A* in Media and B in English – she will fulfil a lifelong passion to study Childcare at North Kent College.