Principal’s Statement – 17th June 2022

Dear parents / carers,

I hope this update finds you and your families well.  End of year assessments and examinations across all year groups are now beginning in earnest and the students are handling them remarkably well.  In a visit this week with Mr Beamish, Chief Executive Officer for Leigh Academies Trust, the entire site was walked unplanned and it was remarked that the conduct of students in all lessons was exemplary.  We are very proud of the focus and determination to do well our students are exhibiting.

This week as before we have continued with our positive trend of rewards with over 2400 positive points.  As a result of our Ready to Learn gate we have noted a sharp decline in students receiving negative logs for basic standards such as equipment and jewellery.  In fact, this week the positive logs are six times higher than negative logs, an incredible achievement for the academy.  On the Ready to Learn gate we aim to provide those things to students before they arrive on site, when they have forgotten or lost those items removing confrontation and barriers to learning. We ask that parents/carers check that their son/daughter always arrives to school in correct uniform, with appropriate equipment and a fully charged Chromebook and this term those standards seem better than ever.  We will then always work with families to support where students require support via the Ready to Learn gate.

National Rail Strikes

Next week we would like to remind parents/carers about the planned National Rail Strikes which will affect a small number of our students. On Tuesday and Thursday (and Saturday) of next week there will be significant disruption to the national rail network affecting transport for those travelling by train, bus services will not be affected, latest information suggests no services to and from Paddock Wood.  There is also likely to be some disruption either side of those planned strike days with approximately 60% of services disrupted throughout the week.  The academy will however remain open and ultimately, we are hoping for parents/carers to make alternative arrangements or even a case of community spirit, joining forces to ensure students can be dropped off and picked up so that students’ learning is not affected by further absence after the last two years.  It could be a case of social media at its finest, offering and sharing lifts where possible!  Please refer to the latest information on Southeastern railways website here.

Year 8 team building and life skills days 28th and 29th June

  • Tuesday 28/06 – Classes – 8K 8Z 8W and 8D
  • Wednesday 29/06 – Classes – 8J 8S and 8C

An exciting opportunity for some of our students to work with the Army on a practical programme to:

  • Help develop pupil confidence.
  • Engender resilience.
  • Provide opportunities for teamwork and interaction in a challenging and stimulating environment.
  • Develop communication skills and team work
  • Look at futures roles within the army

The aim of this programme will be to enlighten and prompt interest in future participation in our modular programme with year 9 students. The modular programme started this year and had over half of year 9 work through practical sessions with the Army over a 5 week period looking at team building, resilience and self awareness.

Students will need to attend in PE kit on the day of their session and ensure they bring filled water bottles, hats and sun cream.

Upcoming events

Map of locations of students

Next week we begin diversity week with students who will follow an assembly and advisory programme aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the diverse community we live in.  With over 25 different languages spoken and 37 ethnic groups coming from a large catchment area Mascalls is truly proud of the diverse and large community we represent.

In addition, planning for one of the biggest events of the year, Sports Day, is well underway.  We have quite possibly the most competitive Heads and Deputy Heads of college (amongst other staff) who on 12th July will rally their colleges to see who can claim victory across a multitude of traditional and new sports day activities.

Finally, from me as always, my gratitude goes to all of the effort parents/carers continue to make in supporting the academy and ultimately your child.  There seems to be a really positive focus on helping prepare students for the end of year assessments which will only ever benefit them.  As I have said before you can always be involved in revision by asking your son/daughter for their Knowledge Organisers from across the year in Google Classroom and quizzing them.  This will help their ability to retrieve knowledge from the long term memory and done frequently has shown to have a permanent effect within the brain increasing capacity for future learning.  Thank you for your ongoing support on this and so many other matters.

Yours sincerely

Mr W Monk