Principal’s Statement – 1st October 2021

Mascalls Academy building

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope this email finds you and your families well. So far, this academic year we have given out a record number of progress points to our students, 12372 in total, which reflects the incredible work our students are putting in. When coupled with our academy attendance just over 96% (against a national average of 90%) it suggests that our students are on track to make the most remarkable progress and further exemplify the true strength of character. The year and college group current standings for progress points stand as follows leaving it all to play for in the College Competitions.

College Progress Points
Year Group Progress Points

Towards the end of this term, we will combine this data with College attendance and attitude to learning to award the highest performing College over this half term. It is exceptionally close. Please also note that while Curie appears lower, they are the smallest college but do average over 3 progress points per student even when sixth formers are far too cool for it.

Students are beginning their assessment period for this term where we will be reporting attitude to learning, combined with digital engagement scores, knowledge organiser scores and projected grades (in Years 11 and 13). Please support your son/daughter by using the Knowledge Organisers with them at home, questioning and quizzing them. Most of our Knowledge organiser content focuses on Tier 2 and 3 language which are the subject specific words not commonly used in everyday language but are vital to access the subjects and ultimately prepares students for future success. Inner drive have produced a really simple and effective infographic to help you with how to use flash cards, one of the best ways in which students (and parents/carers) can revise, shared here. I know you will be all rushing to WHSmith to buy up stocks of index cards but please do not panic buy, there are plenty to go round.

The exact details of Year 11 and 13 examinations this year (there will be exams) have yet to be finalised but these first grades are vital in securing the basic knowledge for success. Our first mocks begin for those year groups just before Christmas and complete shortly after our return in the new year so the preparation in building those knowledge foundations are key for all year groups this term.

Using flash cards to revise

COVID-19 and Attendance

The small number of cases that we have experienced are showing signs of reducing rapidly which is fantastic news. I would like to thank parents/carers for supporting the increased testing at home in helping prevent the spread. We have said all along that we would take preemptive action and not wait for rises to take hold. Our track record has been strong and appears to continue to be so.

Raise Resilience

As part of our ongoing commitment to mental health and well-being, alongside our Healthy Minds programme, Bounce Forward are pleased to deliver Raise Resilience, an online course for parents, starting 4th November 2021.  Please sign up for the six 1-hour sessions aimed at parents of school aged children who want to learn about emotional resilience to enable them and their children to be the best version of themselves in the small everyday moments. Alongside the live sessions, Bounce Forward will provide parents with learning materials that can be used at home to help your children develop the mental muscle, gain perspective and thrive.To sign up please visit:

Returning Parental Queries

Please note that we aim to respond to parental queries within 24 hours. An overwhelming majority of incoming communications are directed toward college staff and pastoral teams who also teach. There have been a small but increasing number of parents who phone multiple times during the day, our staff will respond to you at a time when they are not teaching. Please be mindful of that when contacting the academy, we promise we’re not ignoring you and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Finally, as with every statement, my thanks to all the parents/carers who take the time to contact the academy with positive messages and thanks, we know you don’t have to do so but they mean so much to our staff and are incredibly motivating, particularly as this was ‘hump week’ the halfway mark to half term.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend, apart from all the flashcard quizzing.

Yours sincerely,

Mr W Monk