Principal’s Statement – 25th March 2022

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope this update finds you and your families well. As the first public examinations in 3 years for year 11 and 13 move ever closer there is an air of focus within the academy, it is a startling reminder of the challenges we have faced over the last two years. In fact, just a few days ago Mascalls completed its first full year of face to face teaching since 2018/19 before the national school closures announced by the Department for Education. We have not had to close our doors again since, despite at times significant staffing absence where others locally and beyond have again had to send home year groups. It has been a huge collective effort from our staff over a sustained period of time, the efforts of whom I hope together we are all incredibly grateful for. The students throughout have been and continue to be wonderful. In addition, we have been able to return to a full and expanding after school clubs programme and run more trips and visits than we had during the entire 2018/18 academic year. Whilst the energy levels feel a little ’end of year’ there is still so much more to do and so much more we want to provide.

Break and Lunchtime Developments and Donations

Photo of a Table Tennis table.

This Easter we see an investment in the site for break and lunchtimes with the installation of 6 permanent outdoor table tennis tables which will be assigned to year groups where students will be able to play, using their own equipment at break and lunchtime. We are also looking to expand our provision over the summer term for activities during the summer. If you have any large scale garden games such as giant Jenga, garden Connect 4 or collections of Lego please contact the academy via reception and we will be more than grateful to receive any donations making use of them with groups over break and lunchtime.

Back to the Future

Another week and another trip this week to see Back to the Future last night in London’s West End. 49 students across Year 9, Year 10 and Year 13 were impeccably behaved and had lots of questions regarding the staging, the production techniques, and the training that had gone into creating this show.

Back to the Future Musical in London's West End.
Back to the Future Musical in London's West End.

For some students, it was their first trip at secondary school and they commented on how much there is to explore in London, as they spotted key landmarks.

A fantastic discussion broke out amongs a group of Year 9 girls who were debating the merits and differences between male and female script writers, directors, casting agents and leading men/women on stage.

Students lining up outside waiting to see London's 'Back to the Future' Musical in the West End.

The Incredible Powers of Mr. Dahl

This week staff, parents and carers were fortunate to be treated to an incredible performance from Drama students across Years 7 to 13 involving just about as many characters from Roald Dahl stories as I can remember. For a short while, this Principal broke the usual facade, almost reduced to tears of laughter and some very moving scenes from the students. The support from parents and carers was immense and the pride and joy from the families of the performers was palpable, showing further the power of the creative arts and the co-curriculum in transforming character and providing opportunities to show skills beyond the traditional curriculum. It was incredible to see and we are immensely proud of all of them, from those on stage to those students who completely controlled the lighting and sound. Well done to Mrs Aldridge and the rest of the team for such a wonderful and much needed evening of fun and laughter (and tears).

The Incredible Powers of Mr. Dahl
The Incredible Powers of Mr. Dahl
The Incredible Powers of Mr. Dahl

Finally, from me, as always, our thanks go to those parents/carers who recognise and support the immense efforts of our staff and students taking the time out of the day to contact with positive messages. We show the students how easy it is to find fault and criticise, but it takes so much more effort to thank and lift each other, it also has a huge impact. The students and yourselves do so frequently en masse and for that we are eternally grateful for your support.

Yours sincerely.

Mr W Monk