Sixth Form Dress Code

In the Sixth Form, students have their own dress code, which should be smart, clean and within the ethos of the School.

In interpreting the guidelines, students should ensure that their overall appearance is appropriate to that of a working environment.

During the warmer months of the year, students are reminded that they are in a School, not a College, and will therefore come in to contact with much younger students throughout the day.  For this reason very short, tight or revealing clothing is deemed inappropriate and will be challenged.


  • Skimpy shorts or hot pants
  • Sheer, low-cut tops or spaghetti straps
  • Hats of any kind (in lessons)
  • Sunglasses (in lessons)
  • Over-sized brand names, slogans or logos
  • Hoodies
  • Track suits
  • Blue denim
  • Trainers/canvas shoes including Converse or skater shoes
  • Ugg boots, flip flops or casual sandals such as Birkenstock
  • Soiled, frayed, ripped or faded clothing

Clothing for specific lessons such as PE, Art and Dance should not be worn in public areas of the school.  Students should change before attending other lessons.

Most students meet our expectations, but those who do not conform will be sent home to remedy the problem or if this is not possible will be issued a Standards Detention and may be required to spend the day in the Student Referral Centre.