We have designed our curriculum using the KS3 National Curriculum and it is delivered under the framework of the IB Middle Years programme. We have also referenced the KS2 Programmes of Study in our initial planning.

The Spanish department at Mascalls Academy strives to ensure that students share a passion for the Spanish language and the culture, as well as becoming well rounded multinational students who are understanding towards other cultures. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with the tools to be able to communicate effectively in a variety of ways and to develop and understand different grammatical structures and registers. Throughout the 7 year curriculum students continually work with the four main skills of language learning as well as transferable skills such as questioning, resilience, thinking and reflecting in order to approach their future with confidence. From Year 7, students are exposed to native speakers and authentic material on a regular basis that enables them to understand the importance and relevance of a foreign language in a globalised society.

At every Key Stage students cover topics related to their life stage, for example at GCSE the course is designed to enable students to discuss a broad range of current affairs like Environment and Social Issues. This extends into Key Stage 5 where students debate the impact of historical and political events and analyse Spanish film and literature.