Special Educational Needs

Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) are supported from transition.  Interventions are tailored to individual needs and progress is closely tracked and monitored.  We pride ourselves on developing successful partnerships between home and the Academy in order for every SEN student to achieve their potential.

Year 6 Transition

We work with a number of local primary schools closely to ensure that Year 6s have a smooth transition into year 7. In advance of your child’s admission to Mascalls we meet with all Primary school SENCos to ensure that all information is transferred and plans are in place prior to their arrival. We take their advice on whether further meetings with parents and outside agencies are required to prepare fully for their attendance here at Mascalls.

Student Profiles and Pen Pictures

A student profile is an outline of the student’s profile of need. It will lay out the difficulties that a student has with learning and provide strategies for teachers to ensure they can meet the student’s needs within the classroom. These are circulated to all teachers in September and regularly throughout the year as we review and update them in accordance to feedback from staff, students and parents.

Learning Mentors

Learning mentors are assigned to support students with EHCPs in their core subjects. Our team of Learning mentors get to know students quickly and work collaboratively on strategies to best support students with additional learning needs.

Read and Write

Each student has access to the Read and Write app on their personal Chromebook. The software can be accessed through the purple puzzle symbol on the top right when opened on Google Chrome. This allows students to have texts and their own work read back to them, use of a picture dictionary, screen ruling and voice typing.


We offer a range of interventions focussed on improving English and reading, timetables and numeracy, social communication and emotional literacy. Students are also welcome to remain after school in the Learning Hub on a Wednesday from 2-3pm where Learning Mentors are available for support for homework.

Access Arrangements

In year 10, those with additional needs will be assessed for their eligibility of extra time in exams. By using a range of data gathered from classroom teachers and assessments, support for exams is selected carefully to reflect the student’s need.

For more information or to make an appointment, please contact our SENCo, Mrs Fowler, Year 9 to 13 (annie.fowler@mascallsacademy.org.uk) or our assistant SENCo, Miss Warley, Year 7 and 8 (hannah.warley@mascallsacademy.org.uk).

If you feel your child may have SEND, please visit the Local Offer to see what your child may be entitled to.

IASK offers free impartial and confidential advice for the parents of children with SEND.