Statement from the Principal

Dear parent/carer,

Please read carefully

You will now be aware that following the latest Government announcement Mascalls Academy will be closed from the end of the day (3pm) on Friday 20th March until further notice.  This closure means that the academy site will not be accessible. 

Tomorrow (Thursday 19th) and Friday (20th) the Academy will be open as usual for all year groups.

This is an unprecedented global health crisis, this will be hard and upsetting for our families and for the community.  Please do not panic. Mascalls Academy will do everything in its power to support the continuing education of our students through this challenging time and when the time is right we want to welcome back every student, every parent and every staff member to our community.

What to do next

From Monday 23rd March

  • All students will be able to access our new digital lessons online through Google Classroom online and on mobile devices.  Our staff have resourced and will be setting tasks for all subjects in line with the school timetable. Tasks will require a response; we will monitor those responses as a record of ‘attendance’.
  • A set of instructions for accessing each Google classroom will be emailed to all parents on Thursday 19th March.
  • A video guide for students can be found by clicking here and a guide for parents can be found by clicking here.
  • Using student timetables as a guide they will need to ‘enter’ their digital classrooms and complete work set.  Here they will be able to comment, complete tasks and ask questions of the class teacher. Our staff will also check in to classrooms to mark, respond and set work.
  • You do not need to be live in the timetable all day long, this may not be practical for all students particularly where you share devices with siblings.  You may find that work is completed later in the day. 


  •       Log in (to the classroom)
  •       Check for work
  •       Ask and answer questions
  •       Complete any work provided either within or outside of the Google Classroom.
  •       This is a huge digital operation on a large scale, there will be teething problems.  Please be patient with our staff.
  •       If you have trouble logging into the classrooms please email


The Academy wishes to reduce the volume of email traffic during any period of closure so that the focus can be on providing work for students and also dealing with any related issues.  We therefore ask that parents use only existing communication channels and only for urgent correspondence.

There are still unanswered announcements from the government.

  • Summer exams arrangements – the government has announced that these will not be taking place.   Details will be released over the coming days and weeks as to how this will be resolved WITHOUT disadvantaging the students.   Our advice is for Year 11 and 13 students to continue to prepare as usual with our online content.
  • Children of key workers –  Key workers include doctors, nurses and emergency service personnel.  We will be collating this information on Thursday 19th and Friday 20th in order to finalise arrangements for these students.

The government suggest that Coronavirus does not seriously affect children and young people.  However, this does not mean that they won’t become ill or carry the virus running the risk of spreading the virus to others within our community who may be vulnerable.  To ensure that this does not happen there is a responsibility on parents to ensure that students are following the same advice as adults in order to limit the spread within our community.  This means following the same social distancing and isolation measures as everyone else.

We will continue to monitor the latest guidance from the government and update you on any changes at the earliest opportunity.  We will also communicate, via email, Facebook, Twitter and the Academy website. Please check these sources regularly.

We are grateful, as ever of your continuing support during a very difficult time and look forward to welcoming you all back as soon as we are able.


Yours sincerely, stay safe

Mr W Monk


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