Year 13 Results

Dear Year 13, parents and carers,

I write further to your results collection last week. On Monday the Government changed its process for how grades are being awarded. Even though you have already received your results this may have an impact for you.

The following is a response to what we know so far based on an Ofqual announcement around 4pm on Monday.

The government announced that Centre Assessed Grades, known as CAG, and also referred to in the media as ‘teacher assessed grades’ will now be used as your official grades for A-Level qualifications. These were the original grades the school submitted BEFORE some of them were adjusted by exam boards. For many students last week you were awarded your centre assessed grade as your final grade so there will not be a change to your result, however for some of you, your grade will be amended. The government has confirmed that whichever grade is higher (CAG or the grade you received on Thursday) is the one you can use as your ACTUAL A-Level.  This will ensure none of you will be at a disadvantage as a result of the reallocation of grades. Currently this only applies to A-levels and not BTEC qualifications, however there is some suggestion that these qualifications may follow suit and we will inform you as soon as we know more.

The official government announcement by Ofqual can be found here:

Along with further guidance that can be accessed here:

Of course, universities are now reviewing their admissions process, however will want the official new grade from exam boards.. So, from what we know at the moment, you might be advised to share the CAG grade with your chosen university, and see if there is space available. Universities might wait to receive the data from UCAS and that is their right to do so. It’s always worth asking.

Should you feel that you need a conversation with someone from the Academy, please email Miss Shaw-Kew or  with the title A-Level Results and we will ensure that you have a phone call this week to discuss your concerns.  We will continue to support you with your Post-18 decisions and steps for as long as you will need this support.  We are still able to offer Careers Advice and Guidance appointments, conversations and one-to-one support to ensure that you are able to move onto those destinations you aspire to, not just University, but Apprenticeship and Employment too.  

I hope this presents some much needed good news in a terribly traumatic few days for some of you!

Yours sincerely,

Mr W Monk