Year 13 students meet Jo Delahunty QC

On 28th November three Year 13 students, who are interested in pursuing a career in Law, attended the “Women in Law” lecture at Gresham College in London, with speaker Jo Delahunty QC.  They were accompanied by David Wakefield, Head of Social Sciences.

Before the lecture started, the students – Bradley Smith, Grace Strong and Sam Cole – had the opportunity to have a private audience with Jo Delahunty, where she spoke to them about working in the Law profession, and answered their questions, for which she praised them for being so eloquent and probing.

The lecture held in Barnard’s Inn, Holborn had a clear message for the students; the legal profession needs greater diversity in all aspects including gender, ethnicity, disability and social background.  Grace Strong remarked that the lecture was “insightful and inspiring”; Bradley Smith and Sam Cole were very enthusiastic about the prospect of shadowing Jo Delahunty during an upcoming court case in the Spring – something that she has generously offered them the chance to do.
Meeting Jo Delahunty QC, was without doubt a motivating experience for the students – proving that anything is possible if you want it enough and work hard.  Jo has faced numerous challenges on the way to the top of her profession, being the daughter of a single mother from a working class background and having a state school education.

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