Year 7 information

Dear Year 7 (also parents and carers),

I hope this letter finds you and your families well.  In just under a week you will begin the next chapter of your education with us at Mascalls.  Right now it is likely that you will be feeling nervous, not just because it is new but also because of the situation the whole world finds itself in.   Feeling nervous is completely normal, there are around 240 of you who all feel the same way.  I need to tell you that you will be absolutely fine, all of you.

I am so sorry that we will not be able to give you exactly the same welcome in exactly the same way as we have done with Year 7’s in years gone by.  We have however been planning for your return for a long time and are sure that we have considered everything in order to make sure your first few days and weeks go as smoothly as possible until you are settled.

All you need to do is bring yourself along ready to begin at 8.30 on Tuesday 1st September, the entire academy leadership team, all of the college staff AND all year 7 advisors will be out at the front of the academy or dotted along the route so that you know precisely where to go.  You will meet your advisor and be given your timetable, and have structure and routines explained to you fully before you begin any lessons.  You will even have your first assembly with me in your year group bubble. A few things for you to remember or just know:

  • You must be in full school uniform (you do not need PE kit on the first day).
  • You must remember to bring a bag with your pencil case and calculator in.
  • You must remember to follow all behaviour rules and COVID safety rules, without exception (these will all be explained to you).
  • You must remember that you will be making your first impressions on staff and other students, I’m sure they will all be good ones.
  • You must remember either your packed lunch or some money for lunch and a break time snack.

In some ways your journey will be slightly easier as you will be placed into a block just for Year 7, meaning you won’t have to learn the entire academy site and on the first day there will only be a few Year 12s over in their block.  Over the first few weeks you will be in the same classroom for most of the time, but as you get used to the patterns and structures we will begin to introduce more and more of the specialist rooms and equipment to you.  We have not changed the subjects we offer at all, so you will experience everything, you just might not use all of our equipment straight away, but it will come.

In the meantime, enjoy your last few days of the summer break.  The staff at Mascalls look forward to meeting you all next week.


Yours sincerely


Mr W Monk