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At Mascalls Academy we build upon learners’ enthusiasm for film and encourage an appreciation of the medium across its many forms. We introduce learners to a wide variety of cinematic experiences which have been important in the history and development of film technologically, and culturally.

Learners explore a diverse range of cinema from different national contexts, genres and time periods, fostering a contextual awareness that is revisited frequently through a spiral curriculum. The spiral design also allows for an evolving appreciation and understanding of film as an aesthetic medium. Subject specific terminology is taught explicitly to support students’ written responses and enable them to articulate complex ideas using specialist vocabulary with confidence and sophistication.

Learners will develop analytical skills which focus on how meaning and response are generated throughout the production process, providing them with the knowledge and understanding to apply this to their own creative production work in response to a specific brief, reflective of the industry production process.

KS5 film studies

Introduction to aesthetics, exploring cinematography, analysing effect in cinematography in opening of Skyfall, intro to mise-en-scene, analysis of Riddick, intro to soundtrack, analysis of LOTR, advanced Aesthetics.