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We have designed our curriculum using the KS3 National Curriculum and it is delivered under the framework of the IB Middle Years programme. We have also referenced the KS2 Programmes of Study in our initial planning.

In social sciences, we value our students’ character and the contribution they will make in shaping their communities and circumstances. Our knowledge rich curriculum challenges students to progress towards expertise in a range of academic disciplines such as religion, philosophy, ethics, anthropology, psychology and sociology, which develop students’ cultural, social and symbolic capital. Students’ curriculum journey from Year 7 to Year 13 is underpinned by Bruner’s concept of the spiral curriculum, this ensures that students gain deeper understanding of social life, groups and societies to become a more socially aware member of society. This will be achieved by developing students’ fluency in the ability to express themselves in the language of social sciences.

As passionate social scientists, our aim is to instill an appetite for study that extends beyond the classroom and will be applicable to life experiences and future careers. As social beings, interaction is a fundamental part of our existence and exploring and understanding the complexity of the biological and environmental influences on behaviour is a vital awareness we would like students to take forward into adult life.