Induction Programme & Enrolment to Year 12

Induction Programme for New Year 12 Students

An Induction Programme will run for all new Year 12 students to give the opportunity to experience lessons in your chosen subjects.  The date for this is to be confirmed however it will be held at the end of June or beginning of July.

Additionally, we will be running some preparatory sessions for 6th Form including getting organised and how to develop your independent thinking skills, both key aspects of achievement at Level 3.

All those who have ‘conditional offers’ are eligible to attend and a note of your attendance will be taken into consideration on results day.

Enrolment Information for New Year 12 Students

Enrolment Day – Monday 2nd September 2024

This is the date that new Year 12 students will join Mascalls Academy Sixth Form.

The day will begin at 08:30 in the Sixth Form Common Room, where Student Advisors will meet their groups and take you off to their individual Advisory rooms. You will receive your lesson timetable during that first session and your actual lessons in your individual subject choices will begin period 2. If you have questions about your subject choices, there will be an opportunity to speak to the Sixth Form team during the day.

As a Mascalls Academy student you are required to observe the published dress code.  You are expected to dress according to this code with effect from the first day of term.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

If you were set work to complete over the summer vacation period – which you would have received either as a result of attending our Induction Days in June, or by email if you had informed us that you couldn’t attend those days – then you should bring that completed work with you on 1st September so that it can be submitted for marking.

Please also bring some money with you for lunch, if you intend to purchase it from the Sixth Form canteen, as per the information below.

What are the catering arrangements?

The canteen in the Sixth Form Common Room, which is managed and operated by our caterers, Cucina, will be open for breakfast, as well as at break and lunch times for hot and cold drinks and snacks.  If you prefer to bring your own packed lunch with you, you are welcome to do this but please be aware that there is no facility to heat up food brought in from home.

The Sixth Form canteen will take cash and card payments in the first few weeks, but you will need to use the school’s cashless system Scopay after this point. If you are new to Mascalls Academy, your Scopay account will need to be set up and a fingerprint reading taken before you can use the cashless process. This can be done on your first day.

When can I collect my 16+ Travel Saver?

If you applied for your Travel Saver card by the August 1st application deadline as specified by Kent County Council, then your card should have been sent to the school prior to the first day of term so that you can collect it from the Sixth Form office on that day.  If you submitted your application later than August 1st then your card may not be ready for you to pick up, but please check with our Sixth Form Support Assistant anyway, just in case it has been received.  You will need to sign for the card to confirm that you have collected it.

What time will the day finish?

The day will end at the usual 15:00 school finishing time.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact our Sixth Form Support Assistant, Karen Marsh by telephoning 01892 839042 or you can email her at