Course Description

This is an exciting new RSL course that develops your performance skills, technical skills, choreographic abilities and analysis of your own process and the work of professional practitioners. The course is made up of seven units that are assessed through a practical assessment and a written portfolio. One unit is externally assessed but still through project based work. Each unit requires learners to research, analyse and evaluate the work of various artists and apply this knowledge to their own practice through practical exploration.

Course Content & How am I assessed?

  • Planning for a Career in the Creative and Performing Arts (Internal Core): In this unit you will familiarise yourself with the processes associated with effective career planning. The aim is to provide opportunities to align/ link your overarching career aims with opportunities that will be provided on this course.
  • Performance Preparation (External unit): This external project is set by the exam board. It is a brief that you will explore both practically and in your research to develop a performance piece. Both the practical and written work is then marked externally.
Students will then complete 5 more units chosen from the list below. The units undertaken are decided by the dance teachers based on the cohort of students and their strengths.
  • Unit 322: Applying Safe Dance Practice
  • Unit 324: Choreography
  • Unit 328:  Dance in The Community
  • Unit 329: Dance Technique & Performance
  • Unit 331: Ensemble Dance Performance
  • Unit 332: Global Dance Styles
  • Unit 334: Leading Dance
  • Unit 335: Repertory Dance Performance
  • Unit 337: Social Dance Through the Ages