Leadership update at Mascalls Academy

Mascalls Academy building.

Dear parents and carers, 

Following a national recruitment search and demanding two-day selection process, Mr Will Monk has been promoted to a senior executive position within Leigh Academies Trust’s central team with oversight of several of our academies. This promotion is much-deserved given Mr Monk’s outstanding leadership of Mascalls over the last three years. 

In his new role as Academies Director he will maintain overall responsibility for Mascalls on behalf of the Trust. So in that sense, he will not be leaving the academy and will remain closely involved with its continued development from this stage onwards. This offers considerable continuity and reassurance to pupils, staff, and families. 

His promotion enables us to appoint a new Principal from January so we will begin a national recruitment search from later today to find a special candidate to lead this exceptional school. 

Mascalls is one of the highest performing and most popular non-selective schools in Kent. It has become stronger every year that it has been part of Leigh Academies Trust since 2015. Mr Monk will make sure that improvements continue under a new Principal reporting directly to him. We will keep you fully updated with developments and expect to write to you again on this topic before the end of this half-term. 

Yours faithfully, 

Simon Beamish | Chief Executive